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There is only one way to guarantee the level of quality in stone countertop fabrication, and that is by utilizing the most up-to-date technology. Stone Masters uses the most advanced fabrication process by utilizing the Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery. These extraordinary machines eliminate the need to do fabrication manually. Moreover, the manual fabrication is both more  labor intensive and less precise; therefore, we have invested in CNC machines to ensure that your countertops are perfect and affordable.

Other fabricators resort to dry-cutting in order to save time and this results in love quality finishes on the stone edges, producing a bumpy and uneven finish, as well as dull appearance. With the CNC technology these problem are eliminated. Thanks to a computer control, the line of the edge is perfect – the pressure from the top keeps the stone from moving, and the stream of water protects the stone from heating up during the cutting process which both result in a smooth, even, and shiny edge.

Because we begin with stones of highest level of premium quality, and we use the most current methods, we can stand behind our fabrication like no other company. Unlike the commercial grade stones, our products are without uneven colors and pattern distributions, so there are no irregularities in the polish. Although commercial slabs can be used for countertops, they do not result in the desired appearance because of the uneven distribution of color that can be a challenge to the eyes, and even can be damaged be the fabrication process, At Stone Masters the quality always comes first.




granit contertops 013We Know that choosing the right material for your project is the key to everything, and can be a daunting decision, so Stone Masters makes the process easy. With an expansive collection of marbles and granite, Stone Masters is a one-stop shop for natural stones. Leaning in the direction of some of the new man-made materials such as quartz or glass? No problem – we have great relationships with local distributors for all the most up to date of available materials and we can work with any product of your choice.






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We understand that our client have a variety of design ideas and we provide them with design support to fully customize their countertops.

The selection of the stone is just the first step in the process. Once our client have picked the slabs that they love, we work on the template of your cabinetry layout, making precise measurements to ensure that the countertops will be a perfect fit. When the the kitchen design is coming into focus, then the fun really begins! We offer a wide variety of edge profiles that can be use to change the appearance of your countertops. From simple bullnose or beveled edges to elegant and ornate ogee as well as other traditional designs – we will help you find the finish that will truly make your countertops special.




Stone Masters knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so we want to be sure the you are not without it for very long! A house without a functioning kitchen is no home at all, and we want to be sure that our clients are inconvenienced for the least amount of time possible, without compromising quality. Our benchmark turnaround time once we begin actually working in your kitchen is less than a week. After we have the template of your cabinets, we will install the countertops with in 1 week and we will dispose of the existing countertops. This turnaround time is unique as most of the other fabricators offer range of 2 weeks to 2 months. We have worked hard to reduce that time without loosing quality by both investing in onsite machinery as well as our outstanding team of trained artisans.




When it comes to installation our team has decades of experience. in our company, technicians start out as apprentices –  learning about the details of the installation techniques of stone. After proving that they can handle the installation of countertops, they are provided with a crew. This system ensures that all countertop installations are carried out by well-trained professionals who are not only courteous but also have the utmost respect for our customers’ property. They work quick and clean, and are sure to walk our client through the best way to clean and maintain your new countertops.




We know that our clients are incredibly busy; therefore, we streamline our process by providing a website that is at the top of the list in this industry. With advanced features, you will be able to begin the selection process of slabs on the material selection page, where you can view slab photos that are of highest quality. You will also be able to check the pattern of the whole slab, or zoom in to view the grain and pattern’s finer details.

You can also take a tour of our virtual showroom for inspiration on everything from cabinetry to tiles. With this tools, you can begin to envision the kitchen layout that is most compatible with yours and then try to customize the process by reconfiguring the template with different colors on the various surfaces such as countertops, walls,floors and cabinets. You can also print out the rooms and use them when we are finalizing the design. you can also see the 3D edges which will indicate all the profiles. It allows you to see the sample from all three dimensions to give a perfect view of how your project will look in real life.

Additionally, you can explore what other customers have achieved with using the video and photo galleries that contain our completed projects. These galleries are provided in high quality and high resolution.




Our pricing is affordable thanks to efficiency in management, and use of state of the art technology. The saving that result form the use of the CNC machinery instead of traditional manual fabrication cuts labor costs and time without compromising the high quality of the material and thanks to this we are able to pass the resulting savings on to our clients.

This technology also means that we do not waste any money in the process, such as servicing and redoing the countertops, since all them undergo computer screening for quality control. The availability of our in-house installation team is also helpful in further lowering the cost of labor – making it more affordable as compared to other fabricators who sub-contract the projects to other companies. While we may not be the cheapest, we know that for the quality of what we do, we are the most affordable and provide the most value. Other companies are able to beat pricing with inferior material and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves not only on being the very best, but being the best at prices that you can afford.

Order Process


In order to get a quote, you can visit any of our facilities and bring with you any samples of the cabinets or tiles or other detail that will help you with the selection of the stone. You may also visit us with the layout or a drawing of the kitchen with all the measurements so that we can establish the cost of the project promptly. In our show room, you will be able to explore our wide selection of natural stones including marble and granite, as well as some of the newer composite materials.

If you do not have time to visit the showroom, but would like to get a sense of an initial quote, you can also fax or email the layout with the measurements along with you contact information, and we will provide the quote of your dimensions. It is recommended that you provide us with as much information as possible. Some of the details required include:

  • the layout
  • measurements
  • type of stone you are interested in
  • edge profile
  • personal information (name, telephone number, address etc)

Visit our website to use the advance estimate tool that will help you in drawing an online layout of your project.



Before you place an order, it is recommended that the following procedure be completed at home:

  • installation of the cabinets
  • placement of the sink on location (we will need it to take it to the shop for a sink cut out template)

After the completion of all the above, you can contact us  to schedule an appointment. You will be provided with all the necessary technical information by our team of installers who will work with you to ensure that all specification and details are handled with a precise attention.

To place a final order, a deposit of 50% the total cost is required. Payments are accepted in cash, check or credit card.



The installers will verify the edge and the stone you have selected and if there are any inconsistencies, you will be asked to select the slabs and the accessories that you would like in your countertop; Once this is done, we will need you to authorize the fabrication. The whole process will take up to 1 week  after the confirmation of the final price. Final payment will be required on the installation day.



This is the final step of the process. After installation, we will seam if needed and will attach all sinks after we have drilled all of the faucet holes.

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